12 hacks to prepare your home for sale

First impressions count when it comes to selling your Denver-area home

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First impressions matter when it comes to selling your Denver-area home. That’s why it’s important to look at your house through the buyer’s eyes before putting it on the market. Here are 12 hacks—that don’t take a lot of time or money—to get your home ready to sell.

  1. Clear out the clutter. Your house should look spacious, so clean out any extra furniture and organize your closets, kitchen cabinets, and garage. Don’t forget to organize your bookshelves, too.
  1. Break out the cleaning supplies to ensure the floors and counters sparkle and shine—especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Don’t forget to scrub your appliances inside and out and keep carpets and upholsteries free of dust and pet hair.
  1. Lighten things up by taking down heavy curtains and blinds. Make sure your windows are clean, too, so you’ll get plenty of sunshine to brighten things up.
  1. Swap out fixtures and drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for a cheap and simple way to update your kitchen or bathroom.
  1. Replace wall art with mirrors. Mirrors can brighten up a room, making them look bigger and brighter. And you can put them up in place of family photos or artwork.
  1. Boost your curb appeal by touching up paint and power washing the windows, siding, and brick.
  1. Paint walls a neutral color and the trim white for a low-cost way to create a blank slate for buyers to envision their things in your space. Be sure to repair any cracks and small holes in walls before you paint.
  1. Mow your grass, trim the hedges and remove weeds before the first showing so your front yard looks well maintained. Don’t forget to clean up leaves and twigs in the gutters.
  1. Avoid overcrowding. For instance, if you bump into furniture when entering a room, you’ll want to pare down or move it around so space doesn’t look crowded. Furniture should be right-sized for whatever room it’s in.
  1. Stage your home to highlight its best features and downplay any faults. For instance, add flowers in the entryway. Set the dining room table. And replace your bathroom towels with white linens for hotel-like luxury.
  1. Set up rooms with a specific purpose—a bedroom set in a bedroom and a desk set in an office or den.
  1. Send your pets on vacation. Houses in Denver can sell in as little as a weekend. Send your pets to the kennel so you don’t have to worry about them upsetting potential buyers.

These simple hacks offer a low-cost way to improve the chances of selling your home quickly and profitably. The key is making sure you can recoup the costs of your improvements. If in doubt, check with your realtor to determine if a change is worth your while.

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