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This month we are talking about communication. While it may be a changing art with the progression of online interaction, it certainly isn’t a dying one when negotiating in the arena of real estate.

Negotiating When Buying & Selling Property

Top Four Communication Skills for Negotiation

No alt text provided for this image1. Know your purpose for the conversation. What are your critical points, negotiables and your non-negotiables? Know your audience. People generally fall into four categories of personality: the driver, the amiable, the analytic, or the expressive. Appeal to those, and you’re halfway there! Negotiation is how we form connections and strategically place ourselves in the right direction for successful outcomes.

2. Focus on how you deliver your messages. What body language should you be using with your audience? What facial expressions? Do you look and sound likeable, believable, and engaging in your presentation? Smile!

3. Practice saying your content out loud before the meeting. Voicing your intentions may prompt you to polish and clarify your key message.

4. Create suspense in the details. Tension in public speaking goes deeper into the emotional centres of our brains. It creates impact and is powerful. Pause for impact!

No alt text provided for this imageHow do you use this knowledge to your advantage? 

This month’s free download will help to fill in the gaps. This FREE download called ‘Communicating with Style’ looks at four different manners of communication and how we can leverage them to our advantage.

What kind of communicator are you?

Whether you are communicating in person, over the phone or online, it helps to understand the different styles of interaction so you can have better conversations and avoid misunderstandings

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I hope you find the wisdom within useful for your next property transaction. And don’t forget, I’m here for you when you need an expert negotiator on your side.

Discover the main four styles of communication.

Discover your working style…

Which style of communication do you have?

Can you spot these styles in others?

How do you react to each?

Practise your newfound strategies with your friends and family, they’ll be very impressed!

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Why I Work By Referral

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Just like you prefer getting my goods and services from someone that I know my friends and family have used and trust. Trust is a pretty big deal in my book and when it comes to probably the largest purchase you’ll make, it’s even more important.

That’s why I love working by referral.

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Oh, by the way… I’m never too busy for your referrals…

Do you have a friend looking for an experienced investment property advisor?

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You can count on us to help.

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