How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft in Today’s World

With the rise of the digital era, it seems appropriate that we take another look at what’s new in the world of identity theft and cyberattacks.

Learn about ransomware, phishing attacks and sinister ways cybercriminals are gaining access to your sensitive personal information.

Did you know that identity theft comes in many different forms?


Criminals can rack up credit in your name with credit identity theft.

Credit identity theft happens when a criminal uses your personal information, such as your birthdate and Social Security number, to apply for a new credit line.

As a result, it is important always to keep an eye on your credit score or, similarly, on any activity you don’t recognize on your credit reports. Moreover, you may get debt collection notices or a court judgment against you.


Sometimes fraudsters can use your Social Security number to file a tax return and steal your tax refund or tax credit. This is taxpayer identity theft. Moreover, if someone else has already filed under your Social Security number, taking action and removing any false records can take months, sometimes years, of verification processes.

Criminal hackersMedical

Then there’s medical identity theft, where claims on your medical insurance can create big problems. Medical identification fraud increases your insurance costs and produces an incorrect medical history. In other words, because the records on file are false, it is risky for future emergency procedures or interventions should you need them. Doctors rely on your medical history to give you the correct treatments and medications.

However, that’s not all…


For instance, many victims report high-value bank account takeovers. For example, criminals use your valuable private data to access your financial accounts. Subsequently, they change your passwords and addresses so that you no longer have access. As a result, it is often too late when you discover what has happened. And, and above all, a costly and time-consuming battle for control ensues.

Don’t worry!

Here are some simple ways you can protect yourself from identity theft and cyberattacks:

  • Freeze your credit.
  • Safeguard your Social Security number.
  • Be alert to phishing and spoofing.
  • Use strong passwords and add an authentication step.
  • Use alerts.
  • Watch your mailbox.
  • Shred, shred, shred.
  • Use a digital wallet.

Taking just a few of those actions will deter even the most dedicated fraudsters, and most importantly, stop your profile from ever being a target in the first place.

However, due to the nature of digital fraud, it’s always good to have an extra layer of protection.

Subsequently, we have put together a cheat sheet of your own!

So, why not take a look at our Top Tips on Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft.

It’s an easy free download we offer in our monthly newsletter where you can discover some of the words used in the security industry and a great little 6-point plan to help you stay ahead of the tricksters out there.

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Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

After that, get some great tips on how to stay ahead of cyberattacks with our 6-point plan.


Protect Yourself

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Protecting Your Personal Information

A few simple actions can help you plan and minimise the damage if you come under a digital attack.

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Cyberattacks are a common way for identity thieves to access your personal information.

Consequently, understand how these attacks happen so you can prevent them!

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In conclusion…

We hope you find the information useful and remember cyberattacks are rare. However, that’s not to say criminals are always finding ways to stay ahead of the game.

Keep up your research and join some helpful security newsletters or RSS feeds.

And above all, stay safe out there, folks.



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