How to be a Good Neighbor and Practice Gratitude

The holiday season is here and now is a great time to reflect on how we express gratitude to others including our neighbors. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to offer appreciation to our neighbors and consider how to be a good neighbor.


In spite of the myriad of social networks like Nextdoor that are available to connect with our neighbors, a Pew Research report showed that face-to-face conversations are still the most popular way for neighbors to connect. This is good news! Relationships are usually healthier and misunderstandings are more easily resolved when we take the time to get to know our neighbors.


Here are practices to consider in becoming a grateful neighbor.


Make New Neighbors Feel Welcome

Moving to a new neighborhood is stressful. The process of selling and purchasing a home and then moving is exhausting. When you have new neighbors, take the time to introduce yourself. Consider taking a welcome gift and include a list of favorite places and tips about the community.


Participate in Social Activities

One of the things that make many communities great are the social activities. This is especially true for 55+ active adult communities. You can get to know your neighbors and connect with others by supporting neighborhood events.


Be Respectful of your Neighbor’s Space

In many Colorado communities, homes are relatively close in proximity. It is important to maintain healthy boundaries and respect your neighbor’s space. Do not allow your kids or pets to encroach on your neighbor’s property. Also, remember to keep noise levels down. Do not be loud too early in the morning or too late in the evening.


Be Respectful of your Neighbor’s Privacy

Do not gossip about your neighbors. Because we are often right next door, we have a front row seat to our neighbor’s lives. If you happen to hear your neighbor talking in their backyard about a private issue, keep the information to yourself. Do not gossip! Also, if you have a conflict with your neighbor, address it directly and do not discuss it with others.


Follow HOA Rules and Maintain your Curb Appeal

Living in a neighborhood means we have a responsibility to follow the HOA guidelines. Not only are we contractually obligated to do so, but when our homes fall into disrepair, it impacts the property values of our neighbors. Be a good neighbor by maintaining the curb appeal of your home.


Offer a Helping Hand

We can show gratitude to our neighbors by offering a helping hand. Help your neighbors out. Offer to mow their lawn while they are on vacation. Pull in their trashcans when you know they aren’t feeling well. Take a meal over after they have surgery or a new baby. By demonstrating kindness and being helpful, we create goodwill with our neighbors.


Say Thank You

The most obvious way to show gratitude and be a good neighbor is to say thank you. Send a holiday card with a thank you message. Take over a small gift with a note that expresses your appreciation. People love to hear thank you and offering thanks is a great way to build a better relationship with your neighbors.


One way to build healthier relationships with those that live closest to us is to express gratitude. Not only does this forge friendship, it also creates communities that are welcoming and adds value to the entire neighborhood.


Use this holiday season to offer thanks and practice being a good neighbor. Showing gratitude also offers benefits to you. Check out this free guide “8 Great Benefits of Gratitude” to learn the more about how gratitude positively impacts you.


I am personally grateful to my clients and neighbors. I am blessed to live in Skyestone Colorado, a 55+ active adult community. I love serving my clients as they walk through life’s changes and am honored to make the process of purchasing a home a positive experience.


Happy Thanksgiving! Contact Redhead Luxury Properties for the purchase of your next home.

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” ~ Aesop.

Download this guide to improving relationships through appreciation.


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