Boost Curb Appeal Before Listing Your Luxury Colorado Home

Spring is in full swing in Colorado! If you’re considering selling your luxury Colorado home, now is the time to boost your curb appeal. According to a National Association of Realtors survey, boosting curb appeal has almost a 100% return on investment. This is one area of home improvement that pays off.

Here are key areas to focus on before you list your luxury Colorado home. For more ideas on how to get started download the free flyer, “How to Boost Curb Appeal”.



The best place to start with improved curb appeal is landscaping. Especially in luxury neighborhoods, landscaping must look well maintained. Most HOA’s have landscaping requirements for homeowners. A homebuyer doesn’t want to have to fix a mess in the yard to get up to HOA standards.

First, decide if you want to DIY your landscaping project or hire a professional service. An experienced real estate agent works with various vendors and can offer recommendations for service providers. The big items to hit are trimming trees and bushes, aerating and fertilizing the lawn, and cleaning out flower beds and planting new flowers to complement your home.


Update the Exterior

The exterior of your home makes a huge impression with potential homebuyers. For homes with siding, replacing the siding can result in a 76.7% return on investment. Outdated exterior paint or siding may deter homebuyers because it’s an expense they must take on if they purchase your home.

For new siding or exterior paint, select colors that match the look and feel of your neighborhood. Also, for luxury Colorado homes, choose quality paint or siding that matches the quality of your home.


Quality Windows

Windows usually last around 20 years before they need replacing. If your home is newer, you likely can just clean your windows well before you list your home. However, if your home is older than 20 years, schedule a window inspection to determine if window replacement is necessary. Like with updated siding, homebuyers looking for a luxury home don’t want a home in disrepair.

Window replacement has a return on investment of 69% to 74% depending on the type of window. Avoid costly repairs after the inspection by making critical updates before you list your home.


Outdoor Lighting

The lighting outside your home is important for both curb appeal and safety. Homes should have outdoor lights at each entry point including the garage doors. Update outdated sconces with modern, luxury light fixtures.

Another way to impress homebuyers is by updating to LED lights. LED lights are now available in flood lights and with smart technology features. LED lights use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. Upgrading to LED lighting is a smart decision whether or not you’re selling your home.


Fix Your Fence

Especially for luxury homes, broken fences don’t bode well. A rickety fence makes a home look sloppy. First repair any broken or falling down areas on the fence. Fix broken boards and any broken gates. If your fence is in extremely bad shape, consider replacing it before you list your home.

Don’t forget the fence surface. At a minimum, power wash the fence to remove built up dirt and grime. Consider repainting or staining your fence for maximum impact. The key is to make the fencing look sharp!


Boost Curb Appeal

Get ready for spring! Before you list your luxury Colorado home, work with your real estate agent to determine which exterior projects will have the biggest impact. Make your home look its best for a quick sell at the maximum price.

For more information on curb appeal, download the free guide, “How to Boost Curb Appeal”. Contact the real estate experts at Redhead Luxury Properties to discuss the sale of your home. We specialize in luxury real estate in the Denver Metro area.

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