What makes buyers fall in love with your home?

Here are some insights from Colorado luxury home buyers about home features that helped close the deal.

Once you’ve decided to sell your Colorado luxury home, you want to make sure you do everything you can to help your potential buyer fall in love with it and make an offer you can’t refuse.

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One of the most important things you can remember is that buying a Colorado luxury home is as much an emotional decision as it is an intellectual one. Smart sellers will leverage this information to make small changes that will help you sell your home quickly and for the highest price.

Here are some features that capitalize on a buyer’s emotions and get your home on the top of their “must-buy” list:

Hardwood floors. If you have carpeting covering your hardwood floors, consider ripping it up before selling your home. Hardwood floors are preferred by 4 of 5 homebuyers—not just because of aesthetics. They also tend to be more durable and easier to maintain than carpet. Plus, if you want carpet in certain rooms, you can always add area rugs to warm up space.

Outside living areas. Some buyers are looking for a living space that connects them with the outdoors when buying a Colorado luxury home. Consider creating an extended patio that includes a pergola, water features, greenery, and fireplace, or an outdoor kitchen to give your buyers additional space for relaxing or entertaining friends and family.

Colorado luxury home buyers love A front door with personality. Enhance the curb appeal of your home by adding a pop of color with your front door. It’s a great way to increase the wow factor of your home without breaking the bank. Select a color that’s complementary to your home’s other colors. While you’re at it, consider replacing your door handle and lock as well as your house numbers with something fresh and inviting.

High ceilings (or at least the illusion of high ceilings). Maximize the size of your space by painting your rooms—ceiling and all—white. The monochromatic color makes the ceiling appear higher and the rooms airier. Pair that with low, horizontal furniture, mirrors, and long vertical curtains to increase the impact.

Curb appeal of a Colorado luxury home. If your luxury home looks like just about every other one on your street, make sure you think about how to differentiate your home. Adding shutters, flower boxes, new light fixtures, or updated house numbers are simple ways to add to your curb appeal.

Tons of storage: Having a place to store everything—especially for those moving from an apartment to their first home—is a big motivator for potential Colorado luxury home buyers. Make sure you highlight the size of your closets, pantries, and other built-in storage, and show how you can maximize the space with bins and other organizers. Include storage options in your garage, which is more easily accessible than your attic or a crawl space.

Energy-efficiency. More and more homebuyers are interested in lowering their carbon footprint and their home energy costs. Consider installing Energy Star-rated windows and appliances, a tankless water heater, new installation, and low-flow toilets, which can help cut your Colorado luxury home’s heating and cooling costs and decrease the amount of water you use each month.

Consider making some or all of the changes above to enhance your home when it’s ready to sell. They may be just what you need to move your home from a “maybe” to a “must-buy” on your buyer’s list.

Don’t forget to download your copy of “7 Features That May Sell Your Home Faster” for some additional pointers on how to sell your home quickly.

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Tips for Selling Your Home FASTER!

Download this helpful guide with 7 of the most common elements buyers look for in a home.


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