Emergent Trends in Colorado Luxury Homes and Real Estate

For many years, Colorado (and the Denver area in particular) has been one of the most exciting markets for real estate transactions. Colorado luxury homes are always a hot commodity due to their location, amenities, and pricing options. Buying a luxury home is different from many other property transactions. Whether you’re looking for a retirement community, a family home, or an investment property, finding a luxury property within this state has numerous benefits.

The key to finding the perfect luxury home is understanding how the market works and working closely with a realtor who can provide valuable insights. Cindy Marlowe of Redhead Luxury Properties, has been closing real estate transactions in Denver and North Denver luxury communities for many years. She can combine both her legal and real estate backgrounds to navigate tough property negotiations. There’s a reason why Cindy closes 19 or more transactions in a year, while most other realtors average 3 closings within the same period.

To find the best luxury home available in the market, you need to remain aware of emergent trends that are influencing Colorado luxury homes and real estate. Here are some of the top trends that are likely to sway how you’ll be buying and selling luxury homes in the area moving forward.

1. Smart Home Features

Smart technology is revolutionizing how luxury homes are built and operate. Smart features make the home more interconnected, allowing you and your family to enjoy a more comfortable user experience. Colorado luxury homes now come packed with many different smart options that will give you a glimpse into the future. From interconnected appliances to smart security features, buyers of luxury homes will have many opportunities to enjoy both convenience and security.

Many luxury homes now contain a full network of smart devices that allow you to control almost everything from your phone or tablet. For example, HVAC systems can now be turned on/off even when you’re not at home. You can also remotely lock your doors and windows through the simple push of a button. And even better, you can program pre-sets that allow you to match your lighting with the current mood of your home. Very exciting, right?

2. Amenities Aimed at Health and Well Being

You probably know that amenities define how much comfort a luxury home can provide. From open-plan spaces to indoor theatres and swimming pools, amenities are the bread and butter of Colorado luxury homes. However, the preferences of buyers change on a regular basis. It’s no longer about just having amenities, it’s about which amenities are actually of value to buyers.

The growing trend is that many buyers of luxury homes are looking for amenities that enhance health and wellness. Such amenities include indoor fitness centers, spas, and saunas, gardens, among others. Having a healthy environment is a top concern for both the 55+ community and younger buyers.

If your luxury home can also serve as a healthy haven, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved in the transaction.

3. More Personal Service Delivery to Buyers

Cindy Marlowe realizes that buyers of luxury homes in Erie, Lafayette, Louisville and other surrounding suburbs of Denver require more personal services during the transaction process. High-end home buyers pay attention to friendly, engaging, and caring service when searching for a home. Whether you’re a senior who’s looking for a place to retire or you got a new job within the Denver area and are looking to relocate, finding a realtor who understands your specific needs will be key to finding the luxury home of your dreams.

Luckily, Cindy saw this emergent trend coming many years ago. She understands what it takes to close a luxury real estate transaction, and she has experience in meeting the needs of luxury homebuyers. While other realtors are just beginning to pay attention to customer concerns, Cindy has perfected the art and is ready to help you make a successful transition.

4. Space and More Space

It’s nothing new when you hear that luxury homes are defined by their large size. More square footage is a key requirement of almost any luxury home in Colorado, as it provides enough space for you to enjoy overall comfort and a luxurious experience.

However, an emergent trend in luxury homes across Broomfield, Westminster, and Boulder (among other suburbs) is more functionality being added within a defined space. This means that it’s not just about having open spaces, it’s about proper usage of such spaces within the home. For example, open plan kitchens in the past used to have lots of unused space that would otherwise go to waste.

Colorado luxury homes now feature larger appliances, extra countertop surfaces for food preparation, and kitchen islands that make an open plan design much more useful.

5. Interior Design That’s More Personal and Expressive

Another trend that’s taking over Colorado real estate by storm is new interior design. Along with square footage and amenities, interior design will also determine how comfortable and stylish your new luxury home will be moving forward.

Perhaps the top emergent trend in interior design is how textures of fabrics are coming together to create a complete look inside the home. From cushier furnishings to more elaborate wall decorations, there is an increasing focus on the little details that come together to create a complete look.

Colorado’s luxurious homes are now being designed to feature a subtle eclectic look that contains many different elements coming together. From mosaic tiles on the walls to marble floors in bathrooms and kitchens, the modern luxury home is becoming more of a work of art by the day.

Tips on Finding a Modern-Style Luxury Home in Colorado

Now that you know what the emergent trends in Colorado luxury real estate are, the next step is to find a home that meets your specific needs. Not all luxury homes are the same. Each property is designed with specific preferences in mind, and you may need to navigate several options before you find one that meets all the requirements on your list.

Shopping for the perfect Colorado Luxury homes can feel overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Having an experienced realtor by your side is key to helping you settle in a retirement community or other luxury property of your choice. Are you ready to get started on your Colorado luxury real estate search? Contact Cindy Marlowe today to start your journey.

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