How the Best Realtors in Denver Can Negotiate to Get You the Perfect Deal

Negotiation is one of the oldest and most useful skills in real estate. With firm negotiations techniques, you can land the ideal property at a competitive cost. Negotiation involves having an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, strong interpersonal skills, and knowing what your specific goals are. In other words, negotiation is a skill and an art that only the best realtors in Denver develop over time.

It’s no surprise that many buyers make mistakes during the negotiation process. Without experience and knowledge of the market, negotiating a good deal can quickly become stressful or overwhelming. Luckily, Cindy Marlowe can help you locate and close on the best properties in Denver (and its environs). Cindy is one of the best (if not the best J) realtors in Denver, and she has excellent negotiating skills.

By combining both a legal and real estate background, Cindy closes an average of 19 properties a year- while many other realtors only manage 3.

Common negotiation mistakes buyers make

Negotiate the Perfect Deal Mistakes Buyers MakeMany buyers attempt to negotiate with sellers by themselves and to “strike the perfect deal.” However, if the property is in high demand, the seller is more likely to have more power when negotiating. Buyers who like a particular property in Denver can quickly sink a potentially good deal by negotiating poorly.

Here are some common mistakes that buyers make when negotiating with sellers.

1. Lowballing

Many buyers make the common mistake of offering an amount far below market value. Sellers typically have a range of offers that they’re willing to consider, and working outside the market rate can make you come across as unknowledgeable or even disrespectful.

In many cases, buyers make lowball offers simply because they don’t understand current market rates. You may end up chasing away a seller (and missing out on a good deal) simply because you didn’t know enough and made a lowball offer.

2. Offering negligible increments

Another common mistake that buyers make is to go back and forth with the seller. For example, in an attempt to keep the cost as low as possible, you may end up offering negligible increments to the asking price (typically $1000 or less).

Haggling on the selling price may be tiresome and unprofessional to the seller. It may also come across as if you’re not serious about the property, making the seller consider other available options.

3. Having a hardline stance

After making an initial offer on the property you desire, you may think that the offer is quite reasonable. This sense of confidence often causes buyers to develop a hardline stance when negotiating.

However, “the take it or leave it” approach rarely works during real estate negotiations. Many sellers work with price ranges instead of one fixed offer, so you should be prepared to handle modest price fluctuations.

4. Going back on an agreement

Agreements drive the real estate sector. Many sellers will agree to hold their property off the market because of a competitive offer that you may have made. However, going back on an agreement can result in a damaged relationship between you and the seller. Some buyers tend to go against their word or forget to hold their end of the bargain when negotiating for a property.

How realtors negotiate to get you the best deal

There’s a reason why buyers are encouraged to have a realtor by their side when purchasing a property. Whether you’re looking for a luxury retirement home, a family residence, or an apartment, the best realtors in Denver will help you negotiate a competitive price and land the property of your dreams.

Denver’s booming real estate sector has something for everyone. You may come across luxurious properties in Boulder or active retirement communities in Lafayette. But regardless of the property that you wish to buy, negotiation will be critical to a successful transaction. Here’s how Redhead Luxury Properties can help you negotiate and land a successful deal.

1. Reducing closing costs

Even when purchasing a luxury property, you can save significantly by paying lower closing costs. Closing costs in Denver typically range between 3-5% of the purchase price, and they translate to thousands of dollars. Cindy Marlowe and her team can help you negotiate for more competitive closing costs when finalizing on your desired property.

For example, they can use their years of experience and interpersonal skills to ask the seller to cover some of the closing expenses. They can also request for a closing credit, which could be used to make upgrades to the property- or to modify it exactly how you see fit. Therefore, instead of paying thousands of dollars in closing-related expenses, you can use some of that money to renovate the kitchen or to boost your curb appeal.

2. Finding furnished properties

Many buyers love homes that are already furnished. But the extra cost of keeping couches, patio furniture, and appliances may increase the value significantly. The best realtors in Denver can help you negotiate on furnished properties and save on costs during the process. Cindy’s master negotiating skills have helped buyers keep couches, top-level appliances, and landscaping items for free.

Many sellers are willing to include furnishings in the buying price because it makes the home more appealing. With an experienced realtor by your side, you may end up getting quality furniture for your luxurious property at a remarkable rate.

3. Carrying out a thorough inspection to ensure quality

Carry Out Inspection | Ensure QualityBefore investing in a home in Colorado, you would want to ensure that it’s in the best possible condition. Issues such as water damage, HVAC problems, and damaged roofing can make a property much less comfortable to live in.

While home inspections are routine in most real estate transactions, you need a realtor who can help you negotiate for a better rate based on the inspection results. For example, you can end up saving on a home that may need renovations by negotiating the necessary repairs with your seller. Realtors have the experience need to help you ensure that you’re purchasing a quality property.

4. Maintaining your privacy

If you’re looking to purchase a luxury property in Denver, privacy may be one of your top concerns. You may be a well-known personality, or you wish to keep a low profile while in town.

The best realtors in Denver will help you negotiate on the property you desire without giving away your identity to other sellers and buyers. All your bids will be handled privately, and even the closing process will be handled without compromising your private information.

Connect with Cindy Marlowe, the master negotiator

Are you looking for a realtor in Denver who has the master’s touch in negotiating many different properties? Cindy Marlowe can help you communicate with sellers and close even the toughest deals.

Cindy’s experience, legal background, and knowledge of the market put her (and her team) in a unique position to champion even for your interests when looking to close on a property. Don’t struggle when negotiating with sellers in Denver, contact Cindy for assistance today.

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Negotiating a good deal can quickly become stressful or overwhelming.
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