How to Add Curb Appeal and Give Your Home the WOW-Factor…

Getting your home to stand out, creating that all-important first impression, is vital to getting your home sold quickly. And, in most cases, when your property shines out over other similar properties in your neighborhood, you can usually squeeze out a higher asking price.

Home with WOW-Factor

Giving your home’s exterior a spruce-up doesn’t have to be about getting it ready to sell either.

Think of your home’s exterior space like the cover of a book, setting the stage for what’s inside. Making some smart home improvements will put a smile on your face when you enter your property too.

Imagine walking up to your entrance feeling proud that it’s your home and looking forward to being King of your castle!

Be King of your Castle

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With your imagination sparked into action, you should be in a more adventurous mood.

Here are nine more projects to help your home make a better first impression:

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1. Mailbox Makeover

Swap out a dated, paint-chipped or broken mailbox with something more stylish and new. You can either do-it-yourself or treat yourself to a new model. If you’re doing it yourself, it’s a super easy project to take on. Just make sure you get high-quality weather-shield paint too. You’ll be surprised at the noticeable difference a fancy new mailbox can make. The best tip here is not to shy away from spending money here. The affluence oozing out from a well-selected, high-end mailbox can make all the difference in a first impression. Top tip: spend upwards of about $50-$200!

2. Green is Good

A dry, parched and dusty look is undoubtedly the most unappealing vision to any home front. Adding green, healthy shrubs is the most prominent and most convenient way to add curb appeal in an instant. Remember if you don’t have space, a window box will have just the same effect. The key here is to accentuate and frame key visual points using plants to frame or direct the eye. For example, if you don’t have space for pots at your entrance then hang a planter from the ceiling or attach a wall bracket for a hanging basket of plants and flowers. Just one pretty plant or pot can significantly add to your home’s exterior appearance.

Green shrubs add the wow factor to urban apartments.
Love your lawn to add extra curb appeal

3. Love the Lawn

Staying on the subject of all things green; it’s essential to point out here that a lush lawn is a big part of sustaining curb appeal. Regularly cut the grass, rake away leaves and get rid of those unsightly weeds. Also, remember to keep it well-watered, especially in times of dry weather to prevent those yukky brown spots. There’s nothing like a grassy green lawn to shout “Oh, Yes! We love our home, look over here!”

Lawn care is a daunting task if you don’t keep on top of it, so always be trimming, weeding and watering; you’ll be the envy of your neighbors for sure. If you don’t like the idea of all that maintenance, then you could opt for artificial turf. However, large amounts of fake lawn are not very environmentally friendly, and it can be costly. It can also look very cheap and unpleasant once old and faded.

Symmetry at a property entrance is always appealing

4. Simple Symmetry

We are all naturally drawn to symmetrical patterns. When a view is well-balanced, it is easy to look at and appreciate. In other words, when something doesn’t take any brain-effort to work out or analyze it makes us feel happy.

With symmetry comes another benefit; we naturally associate the balanced look with cleanliness and order. It’s easy to achieve too. Just putting matching wall lanterns or plants on either side of your front door can create the desired appearance. Top tip: If you don’t have room at your front door, try placing balanced pots by a garage door or gateway.

5. Light it Up

Nothing is welcoming about a dark entryway. Even if you already have entryway lighting, there are so many fabulous concepts for outdoor lighting now, that you can instantly make a dull space more appealing with a modern, fun design. A note to remember with a dark entrance is to make sure you don’t add to the eerie nature of it all by not clearing away the cobwebs. The spooky spider-den look might be great for Halloween, but it won’t be very inviting for your visitors at all!

The spooky spider-den look might be great for Halloween, but it won't be very inviting for your visitors at all!

6. Jet Wash Jobs

Hire a buy a powerful jet washing machine, and you’ll be amazed at the results. Years of grime, dirt and debris are ancient history with a few hours of well-aimed jet washing. It doesn’t take much effort either. No elbow grease needed for this project. Wash out gutters to remove leaves and weeds. Spray downpipes to rid them of cobwebs and grime. Spray your garage door with some soap and water, and you’ll be surprised just how fresh it looks afterwards. Even a tired driveway or front path can have a new lease of life with a good jet wash. 

Spray your garage door with some soap and water, and you'll be surprised just how fresh it looks afterwards.
Solar-powered house numbers make your property stand out.

7. Number It

A well-defined house number makes it easier for delivery services to find your house. A clear sign indicating your the number or name of your property is a benefit for emergency services too. They can spot your home quickly, meaning it’s extra peace of mind for an elderly or vulnerable person that may be thinking of buying your home. Remove any old house numbers or signs and replace them with an updated design.

Top tip: Choose a font that aligns with the construction and architecture of your home and is distinctive enough to grab the eye. Even if you’re not a DIY expert, stick-on numbers and personalized sign services are relatively cheap and can be excellent quick-fixes.

Hide aircon units for extra curb appeal

8. Camouflage Connection Boxes & Air-Con

There’s no getting away from it, electrical boxes and bulging air-con units are not pretty to look at at the best of times. And while a well-placed plant or shrub might do the job of hiding these ugly electrical boxes, sometimes it may not be possible to accommodate pots or plant trees.

In addition, if your home has a small front yard or you live in a high rise apartment block, planting trees and shrubs are probably off the check-list. For this reason, a good paint-job can camouflage an ugly fixture perfectly. However, unless you are a talented artist, the best solution is to blend any new paint in with the rest of the building’s color scheme. In other words, go with a color that’s the same as your home’s siding.

Top Tip: Make sure to mask any meters or electrical connections with tape and plastic, avoid using flammable cleaners, and use paint that will weather outdoor conditions. 

Your front path says a lot about you and your home.

9. Pathway Purity

A distinct front path makes your home look more inviting and gives the feeling of the house being cared for and nurtured. A well-crafted front path is usually the initial introduction to your home, guiding guests to your front door in a style that hints at what’s to come.

There are so many ways you can use materials too, which makes any front pathway design a true expression of the homeowner’s personality. With this in mind, you can go all out and build a solid path of brick or stone, or hint at a pathway using visual cues of well-placed lighting and plants. Defining the entrance line can be extremely eye-catching and elegant. 

Create a clear path to your front door for extra curb appeal.
Make your home stand out easily with these extra tips...

There you have it. Giving your home a well-needed curb appeal facelift is not too difficult. Furthermore, most projects require just a day or weekend. Planning and prioritizing will also make a difference.

Remember that the chances are, your home already has plenty of beautiful elements. The key to adding curb appeal is to enhance the best bits with some eye-catching finishing touches.

Put some time and energy into it, and you’ll be surprised by the results. If your property is still on the market after a long waiting period, a home-front makeover may bring a renewed sense of interest from potential buyers.

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