In this Real Estate market, one who hesitates may end up……HOMELESS!!

With inventory as tight as it’s ever been in the Metro Denver area, it was no surprise, but still unpleasant, when a client of mine found themselves homeless!

They had done everything right.  Carefully followed my directions and prepared their home for sale.  Took care of a few minor maintenance issues, decluttered and prepacked for the coming move, made sure the curb appeal was at its finest, and they arranged for a place to store excess furniture and a rental situation while they searched for their next home.

How many of us have learned the hard way that the best-laid plans can still go awry!

The house closed right on time and without a single hitch.  The Sellers were happy.  The Buyers were happy.  Obviously, I was happy I had met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

The place they had arranged to rent had SOLD!  Keys had already been passed to the new owner.  Everything they owned had been packed and was in the truck to transport to their temporary home, but they no longer had a home at all!

Thankfully they were able to bunk down with friends and we found them another rental in short order, but it could have been even more stressful than it was.  Being fully aware of what to expect and how to maneuver in the real estate marketplace is one of those priceless pluses of experience you should expect from your real estate agent.

Especially with the tight inventory, when it seems like houses are just flying off the market faster than you can plant a for sale sign in the front yard, it’s even more important to understand how the market is working and what the best moves are to ensure you don’t


  • Sell too low; more painful than overpricing and sitting too long while everything around you sells, aiming too low can cost you a lot of money
  • Sell too fast; like my clients, you could find yourself cash-rich and HOMELESS. Securing your next home before letting go of your current one doesn’t have to be difficult.  The timing can be a little tricky, but is totally doable when you work with the system.  A BRIDGE LOAN can close the gap between a sale and new purchase.  Not sure what that is or how it works?  Call or email for a detailed explanation of how this type of loan can ease your stress and worry about selling


Negotiating your best real estate situation is about more than price.  Full service goes as far as it needs to go to get you where you want to be.

FOR EVEN MORE INFORMATION about successfully navigating this real estate market, contact the Redhead Luxury Team; Your Neighborhood Realtor and get solutions that suit your situations.

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