Living Longer with Continuing Care: The New Trend in Colorado Retirement Communities

As you edge closer towards retirement, you may be wondering which type of retirement living is the best fit for you. Seniors today have many different options available. From luxury retirement homes to active adult Colorado retirement communities, you will have much to think about before making a decision.

One of the most exciting trends in retirement living is continuing care communities. These communities are designed to help seniors plan for retirement living from the time they move in to the time they need end of life care. Simply put, continuing care 55+ communities in Denver act as a one-stop shop for all your needs after retirement. Because Denver and its surrounding suburban locations are known for their comfort, convenience, and safety, you can be sure that your retirement years will be filled with opportunities for excitement and joy.

Finding the right continuing care community in Colorado is key to a fulfilling life after retirement. Cindy Marlowe, of Redhead Luxury Properties, is an expert in Colorado retirement communities and homes for age 55 and over throughout the state. She will help you find the best Colorado retirement community in the area, matching your preferences. Because Cindy is a strong negotiator and a veteran in the real estate industry, she provides valuable guidance when evaluating the retirement living options before you.

What is continuing care?

Redhead Luxury Properties - Continuing CareSenior living has evolved over the years, and seniors today are searching for more comfortable and reliable retirement options. Continuing care refers to the provision of a holistic senior care plan—one that includes housing, health care, and social activities. Continuing care provides seniors with the stability and comfort they need throughout their retirement.

Within a continuing care retirement community, you can receive a comprehensive plan that adapts to every stage of your retirement years. For example, you may move into an active adult retirement community when you’re younger and healthier (immediately after retirement). As you continue to age and your needs increase, you will receive a care plan that is adapted to your needs at the time (such as assistance with daily living activities and appropriate healthcare).

A continuing care retirement community essentially acts as a one-stop shop for all your senior living needs. You can even customize your care plan to receive specific services that you prefer. A large reason continuing care has risen in popularity is because of the stability it provides. You don’t have to keep changing your community and location as years go by because a wide range of care is provided within a centralized setting. In essence, you will receive a continuum of care throughout your retirement years.

Continuing retirement care for 55+ communities in Denver

Redhead Luxury Properties - Cindy MarloweIf you’re looking for continuing care retirement options, look no further than our wonderful Colorado retirement communities. Many people come from in- and out-of-state to settle in the retirement communities of Anthem Ranch, Crofton Park, The Broadlands, and others. In our experience with buyers and the communities themselves, continuing care communities in Colorado are among the best in the country.

The key to comfortable continuing retirement care is having a stable place where the burden of transitions is easier. This means that you won’t have to keep moving from one place to another when your needs change. Continuing care in Colorado is a combination of residential care and life planning for seniors. Once you settle into one of the retirement living options in Denver or its suburbs, you will enjoy a cozy, friendly environment and a caring community that’s ready to meet your needs.

As you continue to age, you may need higher levels of care that coincide with your health and physical abilities. It’s important to live in a reliable community where you age in the company of others while still maintaining your privacy. This is the unique balance that you can expect to receive when living in 55+ communities in Denver.

Benefits of continuing care communities

Continuing care communities have become a hot commodity in many parts of Colorado. From Broomfield to Erie, Westminster, and Louisville, homes for 55 and over are being highly sought after because of the numerous benefits that these communities provide. Some of the benefits you can expect to receive include:

1. You get to enjoy independent living in Denver and its environs

Privacy is important as you continue to age. Because many seniors are comfortable with their living patterns or practices, they tend to value their private routines and lifestyles. Continuing care allows you to maintain this routine over the years. In fact, homes for 55 and over are typically designed to give residents maximum privacy.

You can choose from a stand-alone home to luxurious villas. Each community is designed to keep you comfortable while providing easy access to the services you need during retirement.

2. Reliable and timely health care services

Another unique benefit of continuing care is that you have access to healthcare services when needed. As you continue to age, your medical needs may increase, depending on your health condition.

Continuing care communities maintain both medical and non-medical staff on-site to help residents as needed. Even in communities where a medical team isn’t on site, a non-medical team is trained to respond to emergencies by getting residents to healthcare facilities as quickly as possible.

3. Amenities right outside your door

Continuing care communities in Colorado also provide a wide range of amenities. Some homes are built around expansive golf courses to create a calm and serene environment, many have gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, and some even offer beauty salons on site. This means that as you continue to enjoy your retirement years, your needs will be consistently met.

Compare Colorado retirement communities with us

At Redhead Luxury properties, we specialize in many types of Colorado retirement communities; from the active adult communities in Anthem Ranch to continuing care communities in Crofton Park, we’re your one-stop shop for quality retirement living.

Choosing the right continuing care community in Colorado is a weighty decision. You need to consider your specific needs, how much you can afford, and how comfortable you’ll be moving forward. Fortunately, Cindy Marlowe is the real estate professional you will have by your side. Averaging 19 closings per year, you can trust Cindy’s experience to get the job done, from research to offer to the closing.

Cindy will get you into the right continuing care community and she will negotiate the best purchase price for your benefit. Are you ready to explore your living options in Colorado retirement communities? Connect with Cindy Marlowe and start your journey today.

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