You’ve all heard the saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees”?  Of course, there is a lot of truth in that, which is why it is a cliché in the first place.  Getting caught up in the busyness of the business you do can cause a certain “blindness” to set in sometimes in certain areas.  It’s great to take a step back and reacquaint oneself with those blind areas, because that lends itself to bringing a fresh perspective to the service provided to clients.

This month, I took a step back, noticed a blind spot and decided to put myself in the shoes of a first time home buyer to sharpen my service vision in this area.  I began to consider what I would want pointed out to me, beyond the obvious and common things, but those things that would impress me, that I wouldn’t have thought of myself perhaps, if I were buying a house for the first time.


YES, I want to know about special loan packages Lenders are offering to first time home buyers!

YES, I want to understand how the negotiation process plays out to benefit my purchase!

YES, I need to find a comfort level concerning the Home Inspection and any repairs needed!

But what about some of the less obvious things that will really directly effect my happiness actually living in, say, the Thornton neighborhood where I choose to purchase?

  • Would I want to know about the dog next door that barks all night?
  • The teenager with the garage band that plays, LOUD, all day Saturday and Sunday?
  • The crowded street parking situation come 6pm every night?

These certainly aren’t the types of things most real estate agents in Adams County would necessarily even know about or have an obligation to make known even if they were aware of them.  But I think I would appreciate it if the agent working to help me find my best living situation made mention of some of the things I otherwise wouldn’t ever give a thought to considering.  Just so I would have the opportunity to consider them if I chose to.

On a more positive note, how much would it affect my decision about the homes for sale in Thornton or Westminster I might be looking at if:

  • I knew one neighborhood did community food drives? If community involvement was very important to me, it could be useful information to add to the decision making process.
  • One had several young mothers who got together regularly? As a new mom and new to the neighborhood, what a great way to get acquainted this would be for me!
  • One did babysitting trade off’s? What parent couldn’t use a list of reliable care providers at no financial cost?
  • One had neighborhood yard sales or block parties or holiday events that everyone participated in? Am I looking for a very involved neighborhood?
  • Or one housed folks who had a tendency to stay to themselves? They weren’t very “neighbor friendly”?  Do I prefer greater privacy and less contact with those around me?

These kinds of things don’t usually become known until after you’ve committed to a 30 year mortgage and moved yourself into your new home.  If you like the neighborhood activities or lack of them, that would be just great.

And if you didn’t?  Well, perhaps getting something started would be a terrific way to introduce yourself to your new Adams County neighbors!

How important are the activities available in the Thornton or Westminster neighborhood you live in?  Would any of these situations I’ve mentioned have played a role in your decision making if you had been aware of them before your purchase?  Are there other situations that affected the home buying decision you made that could help someone else with their decision making?


I really want to know how BEST to serve your Home Buying and Selling needs


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