All I want this Holiday – is to SELL MY HOUSE!

Who says you can’t sell a house during the holiday season?

Keep in mind that no one wants to be the bearer of bad news and I’m no exception to that rule.  However, having read all the latest forecasts for the real estate industry heading into 2016, which all forecast a healthy year, what I can tell you is that there is one chorus being sung over and over this holiday season:

Income growth is stalled while rent costs steadily climb higher!

This is certainly bad news for those who have not yet come to the realization that they are in fact paying a mortgage every month; just not their own.

Lawrence Yun, the Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors, was recently quoted on this very subject. “Rents and home prices are expected to exceed income growth into next year because of the insufficient creation of new home construction and the detrimental impact its inadequacy continues to have on housing costs in several markets.”

That brings us to the GOOD NEWS that, even more so than in past seasons, this holiday season should be a great time for real estate sales!

Whether that means keeping your house on the market for sale or actually putting a house up for sale, right now can prove as beneficial as during the traditionally “peak” spring into summer real estate selling season.

There are those who continue to advocate taking your home off the market from December to January but it could COST you a sale if you follow that advice this year.  However, because many do take that advice you can let it work to your advantage.  You’ll experience less competition and the plethora of serious buyers actively seeking a new home are all excellent indications for a successful sale in the coming weeks.

A couple of suggestions if you decide to sell now:

Keep decorations general; and keep them to a tasteful minimum – enough to add seasonal joy, not enough to hide the house!

Use an outdoor shot that does NOT include snow!  If the house is decorated outside and you can get a great picture, do include it, but don’t let that be your only outdoor view you offer to potential buyers! Show them that summer fun on the back deck; include pictures of the new spring growth!  Even if the pictures aren’t’ professional and just your amateur snaps from family occasions – with photo manipulating software, the house can still be portrayed in all its seasonal glory for each season!

And a dedicated real estate representative is your best secret weapon, so be sure to ask the Listing Agents you interview what their holiday plans are.  You don’t want the house lingering or getting insufficient offers because the agent is busy with holiday travels and isn’t working hard on the marketing campaign for your holiday season sale! (ps – for the record, this Realtor will be one busy elf this holiday season making real estate dreams come true for ALL the good boys and girls who CALL ME NOW 303-912-1478)

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