Spruce Up Your Home – Make Your Denver-Area Home Look Like a Million Bucks

5 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Denver-Area Home Look Like a Million Bucks

Whether you’re ready to sell your Denver-area home or just want to give it a new look and feel, here are 5 decorating ideas to breathe some life into your home. Download “Spruce Up you Space With Paint,” a free brochure on the easiest ways to improve your Denver-area home on a budget.

Add Some Color. A fresh coat of paint or a splash of color is a quick and economical way to give your home a new look. Consider painting a single accent wall, rejuvenate old furniture with bold paint and a faux finish, or add accent pillows and throws. A little color goes a long way in adding some excitement to your space.

Accessorize. When you don’t have the money to replace cabinets or furniture, consider accessorizing them with new knobs, handles, or pulls. You may also want to try new lighting fixtures. Or add an area rug or window treatment to dress up your room and block out sunlight.

Organize and Declutter. Clutter detracts from the overall beauty of your space—especially if it’s overcrowded with too many accessories or furniture. Get organized by donating or selling items you don’t use anymore. And be creative to hide what you have left. Maximize your space with a storage ottoman or new built-in shelving to cut down on messes in your living areas and closets.

Green Up Your Space. Fresh-cut flowers and plants are a great way to spruce up your space with little investment. Get cuttings from friends to start a window-sill herb garden or stop by a local florist shop to pick up a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers.

Rearrange and Refresh. You don’t have to buy new things to give your room a new look. In fact, you may be able to give your home an interior boost by simply moving things around or giving them a facelift. Rearrange your furniture; trade accessories in one room for another, or recover an old chair for a new focal point.

Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of cash. You can do a lot with creativity, elbow grease, and a little inspiration from websites like Houzz, Wayfair, or Pinterest. Save your favorites to a look back on when it comes time to do the actual work.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the home improvement projects you have in mind. Take on one room at a time. And remember that even just a few accessories can brighten up your space.

The brochure “Spruce Up Your Space With Paint” helps you weight the pros and cons of making improvements on your own vs. relying on a professional to do the work for you. Download your copy now.

Cindy Marlowe and the Redhead Properties Team can help connect you with professionals to help make your home dreams a reality. Call 303-912-1478 to discuss your options.

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