The Science of Happiness

The Power of a Giving Attitude

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I was contemplating the power of having a ‘giving’ attitude. I got to thinking how powerful the act of giving is; not only as a realtor but also as a member of the local communities in Colorado. Other people often comment on my happy demeanor and I realized very early on in my career the power of a giving attitude.

In fact, research shows that when you give to others, you are more likely to reduce your stress levels, improve your mood and boost your social connections.

Leo Tolstoy and The Power of Giving

Leo Tolstoy

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ~ Saint Francis of Assisi

“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” ~ Winston Churchill

Science Agrees

Did you know, scientific research supports the notion that giving one’s time, talents and treasures is a powerful pathway to finding purpose and transcending difficulties. In other words, giving to others actually helps you find fulfilment and meaning in your own life.

Moreover, this is why I love my job so much. During a typical month, I find happiness in the simplest of things. I get immense joy from giving to my clients, significantly where it helps them achieve what they want. For example, moving home is high on the list of stressful things to do, so I like to ease any burden for my clients and help them get to where they want to go. It makes me feel so good!

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Giving is powerful! When you give to others, research shows you are more likely to reduce your stress levels, improve your mood and boost your social connections.

Discover some easy ways to give here…

Give Your Way to Greatness

Learn the Power of Giving

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Positive feelings associated with giving stick around for about two hours. Not only will you want to give more, but the person who receives your gift is also inspired to give! Wow, we could start a pandemic of positive energy here! Get yours now…

What do all of the most successful people have in common?

They are all givers.

Here are some things you can freely do for others to give your way to greatness.

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Why I Love My Job

It wasn’t until I read the science about giving and the way it makes you feel that I realized why I love my job so much!

Throughout a day, I’m always getting little boosts of pleasure from my real estate business. I absolutely love doing things for my clients!

Sometimes I send round a pizza on moving day, or I hire a cleaning crew to freshen their new home up a bit. Often I will buy handy little knick-knacks to compliment a shelf or hamper items for the fridge.

Why I Love my Job

Why I love my job – Cindy Marlowe


Other ways my team and I like to give to clients are:

  1. Secure them a local membership to somewhere fun like the gym, local golf or country club.
  2. By always supporting their business, shop or favorite charity.
  3. Having an artist design a rendering, painting or sketch of their home. (This is a beautiful way to fill a blank wall, common in a new home.)
  4. To give them a unique, personalized photo gift. (Showcasing the original real estate listing photos in a photobook is always a winner!)
  5. To give them smart-home products. They always make a positive impact on clients as they are handy and usually things that are overlooked when first moving in. Gadgets like garage door openers, water and plumbing monitors and LED light bulbs are favorites.

There are lots of other ways I like to give. Too many to mention really.

But how about you? Have I inspired you to be a little more giving this Thanksgiving? 🙂

I hope so.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday, all the best!

Cindy Marlowe - Redhead Luxury Properties

Cindy Marlowe – Redhead Luxury Properties





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