Think Like a Buyer When Selling Colorado Luxury Real Estate

The Colorado real estate market is booming. With inventory rates at record-breaking lows, it remains a seller’s market. However, while home prices in the luxury market continue to grow, the market has slowed down slightly. This is due to the higher inventory levels in the luxury market. In order to position your property to sell quickly and at the best possible price, take the time to think like a buyer when preparing your home for sale. Remember, when selling luxury real estate, the buyer expects luxury.

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Focus on Curb Appeal
The exterior of your home is the first impression buyers will see. Even if they’re viewing the property online, the first photo is almost always the front of the home. A luxury home buyer will be turned off by a dirty, unkempt exterior. Take an objective view of your home’s exterior to determine how it measures against other homes in your price range.

Before you list your luxury Colorado home, make the necessary updates to improve your curb appeal. Evaluate the landscaping, exterior paint, fencing and porches to determine what improvements are needed. Correct any issues to create the best possible curb appeal.


Consider the Foundational Elements
For any property, but especially luxury properties, think about the age and condition of the basic elements of your home. Features like the HVAC unit, roof, carpet, and appliances will all impact how a buyer views the value of your home. Also, consider how you’ve cared for your home. If you’ve neglected your care of these parts of your home, you may need to make upgrades before you list.

When a buyer considers the value of a home, they’ll take the cost of repairs or replacements like a new roof or HVAC system into consideration. Even if your home looks great, you could receive a lower offer if a buyer feels they will need to put a lot of money into the home for repairs.


Fix What’s Broken
For luxury homes, it’s not smart to leave simple things unrepaired. Take the time to fix what’s broken. A luxury home buyer doesn’t want to take ownership of a home needing lots of small repairs. In fact, if they are comparing your home to other luxury homes, small things can make a difference.

Audit your home to determine all items that need repairs, including chipped paint, broken window screens, burned out light bulbs, cracked tile, leaky faucets and nicked baseboards or trim. Most of these repairs are relatively inexpensive to fix but could have a big impact.


Deep Clean
The most important thing you can do before you show your luxury Colorado home is to deep clean the entire space. A dirty home will leave a negative impression on buyers. The carpet is a number one item to make look great whether it needs replacing or only a professional cleaning.

Hire professional cleaning services to ensure your home shows well. Many home cleaning services offer move-in or move-out cleaning options. Most of the time this service includes cleaning appliances, blinds, baseboards, floors, bathrooms, the kitchen, and walls.

Have windows professionally cleaned to increase the likelihood of receiving an offer quickly.

Also, pack away all clutter and leave the space open so that it feels clean and spacious. Your experienced real estate agent should have referrals for all your professional cleaning needs.


Staging is key for selling a luxury home. You want to see your home through the buyer’s eyes. Don’t leave a large number of personal items in the space. Instead, create a clean palate for potential buyers to be able to see themselves living in your home. If you have a unique style like bold paint choices or large art pieces, consider removing these items before showing your home. Work with your real estate agent or professional stager to create the best look for your space. This is part of creating a solid marketing strategy for your home.


Think Like a Buyer!
Position yourself for success when selling your luxury Colorado home. Look at your home with the buyer in mind to create an accurate view of what work needs to be completed before you list your home. Work with an experienced real estate professional for their insight and advice on what a buyer wants in a luxury home. Also, download our free online guide, “Planning to Sell? Think Like a Buyer”.

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