To Rent or Sell?

The promotion came through and it is so much greater than you had anticipated!  You’ve already located a darling new home in the neighborhood of your dreams!  You more than qualify for the new mortgage.  The kids are excited and LOVE the school they will be attending!  You’ve even met some folks you could easily be friends within the new area.  Plans for a with ingathering are solid for the holidays; they’re even excited about traveling out to spend a week exploring your new stomping grounds.

What is causing all this hesitation to move?

Selling the current home.

You’ve spoken to your neighborhood realtor and you know it would sell FAST in this marketplace of tight inventory levels.

It would even sell for a fairly good price since prices have moved upwards over the last couple of years.

But, there are specific things about this home and this neighborhood that are perfectly suited to your living preferences.  And you may come back to this area in the not too distant future.  And this is where you really want to come back to.  You want to keep your options open, but you certainly don’t want to leave the house completely empty!

At some point in your home ownership journey you may very well find yourself in this or a similar predicament.  I’ve been a landlord for even longer than I’ve been a real estate broker so I’ve gained a firsthand understanding of the ups and downs and ins and outs you may experience when you consider taking this giant step into unknown territory.

Here’s what you need to know and I can help you achieve when you have your heart set on a different area or lifestyle from your current living situation, but selling isn’t your best option whether for financial or other considerations.

  • Preparing the home to be a rental
  • Colorado requirements rental homes
  • Rental pricing for your neighborhood
  • Property Management referral if you don’t want to go it alone
  • Concierge list of who does what work, not only to prepare the home for rent but maintain it

One of the toughest circumstances facing a home seller right now is being prepared to move out of their existing home fast enough to suit a buyer.  With a renter there may be a little more flexibility but there is still a need to prepare for every eventuality.  I have experience in coordinating transactions of this type and excel at negotiating in your best interest in this area of concern.

Even if you have little to no equity and are carrying a mortgage, this may be the solution you hadn’t thought of, but offers you the most flexibility.  While this option may not be just right for everyone,  it is worth a discussion to discover if this might be the solution you’ve been looking for and how to bring it all together in a way that can work beneficially for your situation.

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