With so much lock-down time spent inside our homes recently, sprucing up our interior spaces is a trending pass time right now. With this in mind, Redhead Luxury Properties is ready to help.


Refurbishing your rooms doesn’t mean you need an interior designer qualification either. In other words, you can learn some pretty clever tips and tricks by following some basic steps offered by the professionals.

Here are a few ideas to get you inspired for action!

6 Top Tips to Transform Your Space

1. Color Pop

Firstly, we always think of colour and how a pop of contrasting color, like a bright red lampshade, vibrant yellow scatter cushion or shiny green picture frame to bring your room to life to life.

2. Stylish Shelves

Add shelving to otherwise boring stairways to add colour and personality to your home.i

Think outside the box with your shelving! Use books as objects and show them both vertically and horizontally for interest. Aim for two-thirds of books, one-third of accessories and make sure to include foliage. Remember not to overcrowd your space. Choose accessories in the same color and group items together in odd numbers – for instance, groups of 3, 5 and 7 at a time.

3. Furniture Upcycling

Sprucing up a battered, old chest of drawers for example, into a piece of furniture fit to be an heirloom is a simple way to add style and character at an affordable price. Moreover, upcycling an old chair, for instance, means the money saved on buying a second-hand item means more cash to spend on some exquisite expensive fabric. Therefore, you get a stunning statement chair that also matches your decor for a fraction of high-end designer prices!

4. Cosy Nooks

Turning awkward or unused space into a beautiful nook is a popular trick for many clever designers. Make it comfortable with cushions and side tables and score points for secret storage space too!

5. Black Accents

The misconception that black makes things look shut-in and gloomy isn’t true. In fact, interior designers use it to enlarge the feeling of space by placing black on an area you want to ‘push back’ and emphasizing contrasting elements.

Black Accents in the bedroom can give the illusion of depth perspective.

6. 70-30 split

Balance different styles within the same space. Decorate 70% in one style, then complete the remaining 30% in a completely different manner. For example, spice up a traditional scheme with a smattering of contemporary items.

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