What to Expect of the Most Experienced Luxury Real Estate Agent

Cindy MarloweIf you’ve spent time hunting for your next brick-and-mortar treasure, you’ll already know that the luxury real estate market doesn’t give way to just anyone. Pocket listings are as valuable as the homes they represent. Only the most established realtors manage to map a pathway through the off-market world. That Malibu beach estate, with the outdoor spa and infinity pool, isn’t going to hop onto a multiple listing service for everyone to see, but at Redhead Luxury Properties we know the best-kept secrets all the way from Broadlands to Charleston. Every city has its own culture and architectural style. When you move, it’s not for a pile of bricks and a foundation, but a lifestyle, so you can rely on us to paint a detailed picture of your new neighborhood. What level of privacy can you expect? What philosophies do the local schools subscribe to? How intimately do the neighbors know one another? Cindy Marlowe and her team will flesh out your expectations and go well beyond the basic purchasing process. Luxury property is more than just a way of life–it’s an investment that demands a savvy financial strategy, so we’ll make sure your returns are as exclusive as your decor.

Navigating the Exclusive Market

The confidentiality of the ultra-luxury market means that every luxury real estate agent must earn a sturdy foundation built out of trust. Sellers take their privacy seriously. They often don’t want people to know they’re parting with their homes, and they keep their property far away from multiple listing services (MLS) for investment reasons, too. As soon as the property leaks into everyday listings, its price is cut, the listing becomes stale, and agents stop treating it as exclusive. To track down that coveted Denver mansion, you must access the best-kept secrets of off-market listings, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Every neighborhood defines luxury differently. In Los Angeles, four-bedroom homes are often priced well above $5 million. In other areas, luxury translates into radiant heating, cutting edge architecture, gyms, and spas. To complicate the matter further, values fluctuate with demand. As inventories grow, prices dip, and your precious funds don’t stretch quite as far as they once did. A luxury real estate agent must thus be sensitive to the dents and surges of the market, guiding you to areas that will leverage your dollars strategically. A buyer’s market in Miami isn’t always a buyer’s market on the other side of the country. If you’re looking for a launchpad into the luxury market, natural beauty and architectural charm won’t give you the lift you need. Fluctuating demand, however, may be just what you need to acquire your first exclusive property at a reduced price.

Refining Your Finances

Luxury realtors’ market knowledge must include mortgage-related expertise. Shrinking inventories and the higher prices that accompany them can shut the door to an attractive mortgage; a situation that’s compounded by the speed with which you’re expected to close. When properties in the top 5% of the housing market are selling in 40 days, you’ll need financial certainty if you’re to pounce quickly enough. For that reason, many agents have a stable of recommended mortgage lenders and all the knowledge you need to finance intelligently. Low-interest loans may be deductible, and a good luxury real estate agent will be able to help you create a profitable refinancing strategy. Your home improvements and repairs might reduce your taxable gain, to boot. A luxury real estate agent will even help you to juggle state-specific capital gains tax, which is generally taxed at a lower rate.

Financial risk escalates with property price, and jumbo loans are needed to reach beyond the purview of everyday conforming loans. To qualify, your credit score will also need to stretch beyond bread-and-butter limits, but find the right lender, and you might secure a private, insurance-free mortgage to sweeten the deal. Jumbo loans aren’t always more expensive, but they do usually entail extra qualifying steps such as additional appraisals. A reputable realtor will help you to jump those extra hurdles before your listing evaporates.

Selling a Luxury Home

Parting with a high-end home comes with unique challenges. In a buyer’s market, you may wait longer for your resale. Between 2016 and 2017, prices dipped by an average of 23%, and when you’re coping with a multi-million dollar deal, that’s 23% too much. Real estate agents like to call location the most important facet of a property deal, but timing is particularly critical in the luxury segment. It’s often worthwhile to wait until the market swings in your favor.

A sluggish housing economy demands a skilled luxury real estate agent willing to dig beneath the flesh of your property to find all the aspects that make it special: its multi-generational history, it’s world-class architecture, and its Kimille Taylor-designed interior. Professional staging can raise return on investment by as much as 10%, giving buyers a better view into their future life.

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With just the right amount of get-up-and-go, Cindy Marlowe wields her extensive professional experience and personal determination to get you the best deal possible. Do you want Cindy Marlowe to do what she does best and represent you in the real estate industry? She’s a determined and diligent redhead serving Colorado retirement communities with the passion and expertise that can help you claim your own luxury oasis.  Call Redhead Luxury Properties and connect with our luxury aficionado realtor Cindy Marlowe today! You’ll discover what luxury can look and “live” like for you!

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