Is it possible to sell your home during the holiday season? Many people believe with all the hustle and bustle, travels, and other engagements, it’s impossible to sell this time of year. Selling your home during the holiday season isn’t impossible, there are some challenges, but this comes with the territory and is true of any time of year you choose to list your home.

Projections for the upcoming real estate season are promising. However, the chorus that keeps being blasted on replay is the fact that income growth has stalled, while rental rates continue to climb. Although this might sound like bad news, it might be the perfect tune for you, the seller! The reason being is that renters are paying those high rates for a mortgage. The problem is they don’t own the home they’re paying that hefty mortgage rate on! Purchasing a home would be a viable solution for paying those inflated rates. Why? At least the mortgage people are paying, would be on a home they own, not a rental unit.

Why This Holiday Season is Right for a Prime Sale
Harping back on the above-noted point, Chief Economist of the National Realtors Association, Lawrence Yun, weighed in with his assessment. He indicated how rental rates were steadily going to increase and continue to exceed projected income growth. And, with few new constructions in the area, this has had a significant impact on several real estate markets.

With the bad news also comes some good. If you’re primed to sell your home quickly, this holiday season presents you with a greater opportunity to do so. It makes sense to keep your home on the market if it’s already up for sale; and, if you’re contemplating listing it, this holiday season looks just as promising as the busy, peak summer months when most owners list their home for sale.

Take Advantage of Withdrawn Listings
Many still advocate that removing your home from the market between December and January is a smart move; and, many sellers are going to listen to these advocates. This gives you the prime chance to swoop in and take advantage of the buyers who are looking during the holidays and seeking out a great deal. With fewer homes listed, you have less competition when selling. The fact that you have less competition, alongside the fact that there are countless viable buyers, who are ready to make a move, really plays in your favor as a seller. Not only in your ability to sell quickly but also to sell at a higher rate than you might otherwise list your home at, during peak, competitive real estate seasons.

Planning on Selling Now? Consider these Tips
It’s the holidays. You want that huge snowman on top of your roof and Santa and his reindeer plastering your lawn. Think again! If you do decorate, keep it general and keep it PC (politically correct). The last thing you want to do is offend a buyer because of tacky ornaments, huge wreaths, and Rudolph. You can be festive, just not too festive.

In terms of taking photos of the home, make sure the exterior photos of your home are taken in the best light. And, don’t post one covered with snow. If you have an excellent shot with holiday decor, it’s okay to include it. But, don’t limit it to that. Also include photos of the deck used for summer grilling, exterior shots with your garden during the spring, and try to capture all four seasons. It’s best if you can get professionally taken photos for your listing. But, if you can put up several candid shots of the home’s exterior, using online software for editing, you can still capture the home’s essence and present it to potential buyers in a positive light.

Obviously, the best tool in your arsenal is a great listing agent. Therefore, make sure you know what their holiday plans are if they’re traveling, how you can contact them, and how quickly they’ll be in touch if there are interested buyers. The last thing you want is to leave your home sitting on the market, while your agent is off on a sunny beach vacation. So, discuss their plans and your plans, to ensure they’re doing what they can do and marketing your home to prospective buyers.

With that in mind, if you want a real estate agent who’s sticking around for the holidays, and ready to make your real estate dreams come true with a quick sale, don’t hesitate to call me at 303-912-1478!

Cindy Marlowe of redhead Luxury Properties is ready to help, and ready to get your home sold for the highest asking price possible! Let’s make this sale happen and enjoy a happy holiday in your new home.

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